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DÁNA, formerly known as Pholc. Celtic Music – Irish Folk, based in Vienna / Lower Austria.

The four musicians of Dána convey the joy of traditional music with lovingly crafted arrangements of Irish and Scottish songs and tunes.

Warm and expressive male and female vocals tell delightfully silly as well as heart-wrenching tales passed down over countless generations on the British Isles. Flutes, whistles, fiddle, guitar and bodhrán weave a colourful tapestry of sound. Meandering melodic lines converge to form dense textures that sweep through the room, inspiring the audience to dance, clap or tap their toes, then become as soft and intimate as a mother telling her child a bedtime story, sometimes mournful, sometimes playful and light-hearted.

The Gaelic word Dána means courageous and mischievous and is also the name of the Celtic mother goddess. For over eleven years, the band, then known as “Pholc”, performed at many different events. Along with our new name, we finished our latest album, “The Speckledy Hen”.

On request Antonia will join the band with her Uillean Pipes. Ceili or Step Dancers can also be organised to compliment the show. Dance and be danced for! 🙂

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The Speckledy Hen



If you like to purchase our CDs (price ‘The Speckledy Hen’: EUR 15,-) please drop us an e-mail with your postal address to contact@danafolk.com; we will snail mail you the desired amount.


The Speckledy Hen


1. Turra Market

2. The Ships Set

3. Jug of Punch

4. Trip to Skye

5. Plooman

6. Mystery Steps

7. Old Man

8. Goldring

9. Mae Colven

10. Spancil Hill

11. Parting Glass

The Speckledy Hen: Lively Irish jigs and Scottish reels and a dreamy Scottish waltz. Our hen will tell you the stories of a rambunctious man at a cattle market, of fond memories of deceased friends, of a sly and courageous princess, of a foolish farmer who is kicked by his cow, of an old man praising his wife, of an emigrant dreaming of his home back in Ireland and of a final drink before saying farewell.

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If you like to purchase our CDs (price ‘The Speckledy Hen’: EUR 15,-) please drop us an e-mail with your postal address to contact@danafolk.com; we will snail mail you the desired amount.


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Who's Who


Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Bodhrán, Vocals


Flute, Bodhrán, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Vocals




Guitar, Vocals

Special Guest:


Fiddle, Nyckelharpa, Accordion

Special Guest:


Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, Fiddle, Vocals

Special Guest:



Upcoming Gigs

08. Juni 2024

Mary, Daniel & Jeremy live @ Genussmarkt Langenlois

Saturday, den 08.06.2024,

Genussmarkt Langenlois, Hauptplatz, A-3550 Langenlois

27. Juli 2024

Private Feier

Saturday, den 27.07.2024,

Bezirk Melk / Niederösterreich

03. August 2024

Private Feier

Saturday, den 03.08.2024,

Bezirk Mürzzuschlag / Steiermark

04. August 2024

Picknick im Schlosspark

Sonntag, den 04.08.2024, tbd

Schloss Jaidhof, Jaidhof 1, A-3542 Jaidhof
Eintritt: freie Spende, keine Reservierung erforderlich

10. August 2024


Saturday, den 10.08.2024,

Bezirk Perg / Oberösterreich

11. August 2024


Sonntag, den 11.08.2024,

Bezirk Gmunden / Oberösterreich

14. September 2024


Saturday, den 14.09.2024,

Bezirk Zwettl / Niederösterreich

05. Oktober 2024


Saturday, den 05.10.2024,

Bezirk Zwettl / Niederösterreich

14. Dezember 2024

Irish Xmas Concert

Saturday, den 14.12.2024, tbd

Waldviertler Forellenhof, Eisenbergeramt 57, A-3542 Jaidhof

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To book us for your events, including private parties, please contact Maria Elsigan at contact@danafolk.com

Band photos and portraits by Tony Gigov Photography, Foto Stephan Steiner (Stoney): (c) @jewgeniabilliani

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